Vitra | 2002

Summer Workshop at Boisbuchet.
1 week workshop with students from the Pratt Institute, New York.
We set them a brief called "NIGHT FEVER" where they had to create objects, structures, environments and installations that came alive at night time.

Spot Illusion

An installation, using discs on the hillside to create an optical illusion. It gave a false perception of depth of field.

Pipes projection

Outdoor light projection using the pipes screensaver to create a 3D environment which snaked around the grass and up trees.

Light necklace on the lake

Pyrotechnics at its most advanced! This piece was reliant on fire lighters , buoyancy and careful timing!

Sunset in a box

From a 50cm cube protototype to the 1.5m cube, it was towed out into the middle of the lake by a two canoe team. The fire inside was set alight and the cube appeared to be floating in the night sky!
The workshop turned out to be character forming for all of us and a life changing experience for some - especially Aimer (on the left)

Milan Fair | 2004

Ingo Maurer and Royal College of Art at the Krizia.
6 students from the Design Products department created new designs from Tom Vac chairs supplied to them by Vitra.
They had 2 weeks, and Ford kindly donated a Transit for them to ship the work out to Milan themselves.
The six projects were made by:
Thomas Urban Gardner, Jason Iftakhar, Jeong Tae Kang, Julie Mathias, Pieke Bergmans and Hisao Sato
Picture to the left shows Hisao Sato's beautiful interlocking Tom Vacs.
Picture on the right is Thomas Urban Gardner's dragster Tom Vacs.

New Model Army | 2006

University of Bolzano, Italy
A workshop, showing the students the use of PePaKuRa software in creating paper patterns for their 3D projects.
In the first session, they downloaded the robot example on the PePaKuRa website and printed out the patterns all cut out and glued together.
Each student made their own unique little paper Robot.
In the second session, the students worked together and scaled up the robot.