MGiant Belly Button | 2001

Based on a series of body casts used to create large-scale "human landscapes".
Cast entirely in silicone, it is the perfect material to describe the feeling of sitting on a giant belly.

Magic Mountain | 2002

A combination of fabric and Perspex it can be re-arranged to dream up objects, landscapes and sculptures.
Exhibited at the Perspex stand in an exhibition called "Marriage of Materials"organised by BoBo for 100% Design.

Glow Job | 1999

In collaboration with Eddie Mundy, glow job is a Fiat 500 that glows in the dark.
The car when exposed to an intense light source, freezes shadows, creating a canvas for passers-by to leave their mark.
Eddie Mundy, our cherished partner on Glow Job passed away unexpectedly on the 20th March 2006.
Picture credit: Jonas Hallberg Eggen

God Light | 1999

Installation using light bulbs which turn on and off in ten second intervals. Some of the light bulbs glow in the dark and when the bulbs switch off reveal the word GOD.
Formed part of an installation in the exhibition "Identity Crisis - the 90's Defined" at the Lighthouse in Glasgow.

London by night | 1999

Installation of a glow in the dark London map invisible to the naked eye in daylight.
The map reveals itself when looked through an eyepiece.
Irresistable for finding your way home.

Netscape | 2001

Giant net seating. Netting covers a Polyurethane inner shape.

Thank you for smoking | 1997

Tobacco Ashtray made from tobacco, impregnated in resin.

Big Clip | 1999

Paper Clip blown up in scale to form an object with which to hang clothes on.There are two versions: 1.Hung from ceiling to form a chain. 2.Wall mounted, comes with fixings.
A lovely POP object, the Big Clip was designed by Arash Kaynama at the Royal College of Art featured in Spoon published by Phaidon.
They can be strung together in a chain, hung from a ceiling hook, the chain makes a coat stand as long as you like.
The Big Clip is made from solid 10mm chrome plated steel rod, measures 28cm, attaches to the wall or links to form a chain making a fantastic coat hook or magazine rack.

Genius | 1999

Sticky-note furniture. Write messages to your friends or scribble or sketch or keep your big ideas or doodle then peel off and stick anywhere you like!
We also sell the Genius Pads on their own perfect for your big ideas!
Sticky-note furniture. Write messages to your family and friends or scribble or sketch or keep your big ideas or doodle then peel off and stick anywhere you like!
This lovely graphic table comes flat pack with all the nuts and bolts provided. Assembles in minutes and you are away finding the perfect place for it in your home!
The Frame is made from Aluminium which is powder coated in a semi matt black finish.