Collaboration with Worldview Impact | 2009

We are really excited to tell you about our collaboration with an inspirational man called Bremley Lyngdoh.

He runs Worldview Impact, a company dedicated to protecting the environment and biodiversity through the mitigation of climate change via reforestation projects, enabling local economic growth through the creation of sustainable local livelihoods and supporting social development through poverty reduction initiatives.

We are proud to announce that for every tree used to make Genius Pads, 10 rubber trees are planted by Worldview Impact to grow in this amazing nursery in the remote South Eastern District of Moneragela in Sri Lanka.

We also plant a rubber tree every time you purchase a Little Genius art and design storage unit for kids.

Rubber trees are fast growing and after 5 years will be ready for planting in forest regions ravaged by man made deforestation.

Our target is to plant at least 1 hectare this year which is 600 rubber trees.

Worldview Impact need a total of 60,000 rubber trees growing in the nursery. Let's help them one tree at a time!

To see a great film about the nursery in Sri Lanka, click here.