Genius Pad


Giant Sticky Note pads, just like the real thing! 30cm x 30cm, come in 80 sheets, in Classic Yellow.

Genius Pads are Ideal for children and adults, the only problem is they're such good fun - you have to share them! Kids can draw, peel off and stick up their masterpieces straight away at school and at home.

Accept no limitations :-)

Genius Pads are fantastic presentation pads, teaching aids, school revision notes, drawing pads for artists, writers, planners and mad scientists!

It makes a great alternative to an office pad or sticky notes, and rather than sticking lots together, there's plenty of room on one sheet for all your information! It is so useful on a desk or by the telephone.

Adults can use them as teaching aids and for presentations. You can leave messages for colleagues at work or for your family at home. Keep them by the phone!

The Genius Pad Life Cycle:

For every tree used to make Genius Pads, 10 new trees are planted by our partners Worldview Impact to grow in this amazing nursery in the remote South Eastern District of Moneragela in Sri Lanka.

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The 80 sheet Genius Pads are £8