Selling Out | 1997

Arash tried to put the Royal College of Art up for sale.
Serious offers were made for the building. Winkworth complained.
Arash was asked to take the sign down.

Exhibition stand | 2002

London College of Fashion

We were asked to design a free standing display stand to present the theses, magazines and other written material produced by the graduating students.
The system comes flat pack and is slotted together to form a framework on which specially designed book holders hang from, allowing the books and magazines to be displayed upright for maximum impact.
The horizontal curves form private and intimate reading areas whilst the openness of the structure as a whole cuts through the space without completely blocking off views to other exhibits.

Picture Pairs | 2003

The Village Fete at the V&A
Curators: Scarlet Projects
Paintings with their identical twin are placed (back to front so that they are hidden from view) randomly on the table. The aim of the game is to choose two paintings, at which point they are turned around. If the paintings match then you get to keep the paintings. If they don't match you don't get to keep the paintings! As simple as that!
Kelly used the theme of designer shoes to create painting pairs.
Contributing Artists: Jonny Blaker, Sarah Sikuade.
Arash and Kelly first got involved for the Village Fete concept at the V&A in 2002 where they won Best in Show as well as being involved in 2003, 2004 and 2006.
Jonny Blaker, pictured right used the theme of Hawaiian shirts to create painting pairs for the event.