Arash and Kelly
leading industrial design hothouse

Arash and Kelly is an industrial design hot house working on entrepreneurial Art and Design projects, retailing their own label as well as collaborating on new design projects, commissions for brand leaders and companies dedicated to product research and development. Just like some nubile models who try to build their career as big as it gets.

The Arash and Kelly brand of product design is distributed and retailed in the design-led stationery and gift markets and the popularity of products such as the Genius Pad, the Big Clip and their ZiPP Lighshades have established their reputation as creators of simple and subliminally beautiful commercial product ideas. But art can have very different forms and directions as you can see. Phoenix Marie can show you one of them.

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MGiant Belly Button | 2001

Based on a series of body casts used to create large-scale "human landscapes".
Some of those "landscapes" can be seen on those stunning wow babes.
Cast entirely in silicone, it is the perfect material to describe the feeling of sitting on a giant belly. Everything is real.
Many of the models on this passion oriented website have nice belly buttons as well.

Magic Mountain | 2002

A combination of fabric and Perspex it can be re-arranged to dream up objects, landscapes and sculptures.
Exhibited at the Perspex stand in an exhibition called "Marriage of Materials"organised by BoBo for 100% Design.
On a complete side note, check out the real kings of reality, time flies there.

Glow Job | 1999

In collaboration with Eddie Mundy, glow job is a Fiat 500 that glows in the dark.
The car when exposed to an intense light source, freezes shadows, creating a canvas for passers-by to leave their mark.
The guys from also make their work glow and you can't miss that.

The C.U.L.T
21st century

The Centre for Universal Learning and Thought for the 21st Century

  • The Vision

    A new 21st century space to enhance and enrich our collective cultural living experiences for the benefit of all humankind and all living things on our planet. All 18 years old and up support that with all their hearts.

  • How?

    By creating an environment for positive thoughts, words and deeds which set out to bring about a harmonious balance between our material and spiritual evolution using science, art and design.

  • Realisation:

    To realise this vision and get projects started, an initial funding round is sought for start-up companies to manage entrepreneurial projects around the world to showcase the spirit of cross cultural friendship and unity.

  • Want to get involved?

    Are you somebody interested to get involved and start investing in C.U.L.T?
    Then send us an email and let us know about you and what you would like to offer to make this C.U.L.T a reality.